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In the spring of 2014 we broke ground on our new station and antenna tower on the Notre Dame School Campus. We went on the air that fall and 7 years later, thanks to our great supporters, we are going strong and continue to find ways to improve our programming and service to the community.
One of the questions that always comes up is: Do you know how many people are listening? Well, honestly, no we don’t. Commercial stations can hire firms to do surveys, but that is expensive.
We’d like to know if anyone is listening and what you think of KCDM. We have a new phone number: (319) 343-6734 and it’s listed at the bottom of every page on our web site. Anyone can call and leave us a voice mail to let us know how we’re doing. Do you have a compliment, a complaint, a question or a suggestion? We’d like to know.
Leave us a voicemail with your input and contact information and we’ll get back to you. If it’s something we think should be shared, we might even put it on the air. (We’ll ask first of course)
So give us your 2-Cents worth. KCDM is your station, after all. We couldn’t stay on the air without our faithful listeners.

Divine Mercy Live Broadcast of 11 AM Sunday Mass on KCDM Starting April 4, 2021

If you have tuned in to KCDM in March expecting to hear Father Spitzer's Universe, you were probably surprised to find a live broadcast of the 11 AM Mass from Divine Mercy Parish. We have been testing the new equipment and getting things calibrated in March and the live feeds are sounding good. KCDM is proud to announce that starting Easter Sunday, April 4, we will be broadcasting the 11 AM Mass each Sunday. In the event there is a conflict and Sunday Mass cannot be broadcast, tune in to KCDM, 98.3 FM and listen for announcements. We will let you know the week before. You can also check here on the website for information. Listeners in our broadcast area will be able to listen and be a part of the Faith Community from the comfort or their homes. If you know someone who would like to listen, let them know.

EWTN - Global catholic Radio Network

EWTN is truly everywhere. They use cutting edge technology to make their content available on a wide variety of platforms, enabling people to stream and watch EWTN Catholic media programming on demand whenever and wherever they choose.

Programming notes

KCDM is proud to announce that we have purchased equipment that will allow us to air live remote broadcasts from almost anywhere we can get a WiFi or Cellular network signal. We have installed the equipment and are working with Fr. Marty to broadcast The Mass Live from one of the Divine Mercy churches. The long-term hope is to be able to broadcast Sunday Mass from Des Moines County every week as life returns to normal. Keep listening and stop back here for more information in the weeks to come.