Pastor’s Perspective has a new home!

Production of our first local show that features the Pastoral Posse ended in July of 2023 with the departure of Fr. Marty and Fr. James. We have archived all of the shows here so our listeners can revist them as often as they wich. The Catholic Church is so rich and filled with traditions that most of the faithful have never learned or been exposed to. As a Catholic radio station our main mission is to evangelize both the members of the church and non-members as well.

Join the Posse, Fr. Marty, Fr. James, Fr. Denis and Fr. Mike as they gather around the dining room table in the Rectory and share their perspectives on the lesser-known aspects of our Catholic Faith, The Bible, The Catechisim, Canon Law and discuss the Gospels for the upcoming Sunday. The shows are a treasure-trove of information about our Faith and the Catholic Church.

Listen to past shows below and download the MP3 file to listen on your devices on the go as well.

Pastor's Perspective Season Two

Pastor's Perspective Season One