May 2022

Pastors Perspective EP013

The Posse will discuss the Luke’s witness of The Lord’s ascension, Chapter 24, verses 46-53. In this reading Jesus gives the disciples their mission, blesses them and is taken up to heaven in their presence. We also discuss the Ascension of The Lord, an eye-opening event for the disciples.

Pastors Perspective EP012

The Pastor’s Perspective Posse will discuss the 6th Sunday of Easter Gospel of John, Chapter 14, verses 23-29. In this reading Jesus re-assures us and tells us not to be troubled or afraid. We also finish Part Two of the Works of Mercy series with a discussion of the Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Pastors Perspective EP010

Pastor’s Perspective will continue our Pentecost discussion for the 4th Sunday of Easter with the Gospel of John, Chapter 10, verse 27-30, Starts out ‘My sheep hear my voice’. Also, in honor of Vocations Week, the Posse will talk about Vocations and share the story of how they became Priests.