Father Mike At The Mic – EP001

We all have questions. We all have times when we question our faith. C’mon. Admit it. In these crazy times we live, have you ever wanted to just sit down with a priest and ask the questions you are struggling with? So did we. We asked Father Mike Phillips if he would take his place on the hot seat and entertain Divine Mercy Parishioner’s Questions and Observations to share with our audience and he agreed. 

Everyone has a story. We are all on a life journey through our faith, ultimately trying to get to heaven. That journey is much easier when we can share it with others and get help along the way. 

 As a Catholic radio station our main mission is to evangelize both the members of the church and non-members as well. 

Join Fr. Mike and the guests as we gather around a table and share our stories and concerns about many aspects of our Catholic Faith. Tune in Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 10 PM. You can also tune-in Saturdays at 5 PM and Sundays at 2 PM to catch the show. We are starting out doing a bi-monthly show so the shows will run for two weeks, giving our listeners ample chances to catch the show. You can also listen to past shows below anytime and download the MP3 audio files to listen on your devices on the go as well.

The thing that makes this unique is the participation by parish members. If you have questions or would like to share your story, we would love you to join us. Send an email to: webmaster@kcdmradio.org for details on how to participate. The shows are recorded and aired the next week.